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The Integrated Genomics Exploration Tools (IGET) website provides online access to a suite of tools for exploring biological pathways and DNA/RNA/protein regulatory elements associated with large-scale gene expression and protein behavior dynamics.

Please see the about page for more information.

Discover motifs, pathways, and pathway-regulatory element interactions.

Currently, we offer access to these tools:

a motif discovery and characterization program based on mutual information
Molecular Cell (2007) 28(2):337-50
a motif discovery and characterization program for proteins based on mutual information
PLoS One. 2010 December 29;5(12):e14444
a functional and categorical enrichment program based on mutual information
Molecular Cell (2009) 36(5):900-911
a limited version of TEISER, a de-novo motif discovery for informative structural elements in RNA. However, we strongly recommend installing the full version of TEISER and using locally as it would give you a significantly deeper analysis (>10-fold). Please refer to the link above to download, install and use TEISER on your own clusters.
Nature (2012) 485, 264-268

Additionally, we are pleased to offer access to a viewer client (GUI) for interactive exploration of results. Its underlying result parsing code is also available for use.